Are you pinched or time but have an embarrassingly dirty vehicle on your hands? At Valone Ford, we care about your vehicle and how it looks. As such, we've got several recommendations to offer on how to quickly clean your vehicle so that it looks presentable to the outside world, without you having to put in too much time.

Step 1: The first thing you should do is clean your vehicle by removing any garbage, loose items, or large objects that do not belong in your vehicle.

Step 2: Next, grab a microfiber cloth and some lubricant and give the body of your vehicle a quick once over. If lubricant isn't available to you, simply take a water hose and rinse it off. If you have time, go ahead and dry your vehicle using an old towel.

Step 3: Last but not least, make sure you brush off your seats with your hand and shake out your floor mats. This step is crucial as you likely won't have enough time to grab the vacuum.

We hope you've enjoyed our steps to a speedy car cleaning. Visit us during your free time at Valone Ford to check out our inventory!

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