The Ford Escape Offers So Many Conveniences

The Ford Escape is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle that offers many of the perks as the bigger SUVs. As with all SUVs, it provides many versatile options for the driver.

There are numerous convenience features available on the Ford Escape. One of these is the Active Park Assist 2.0 that can be found on the Titanium model. This feature makes both perpendicular and parallel parking so much easier. Once engaged, it is able to determine where there is an appropriate place to park. Then is stops and shifts the car into neutral. When you take your foot off the brake and push the Park Assist button, it will actually park the car for you. It will also leave the parking spot when you are ready. Another convenience feature on the Ford Escape is the rotary gear shift dial. This is found in the same place as any gear shift, but is very small, so it creates more room for other things to be in that space. This feature uses an actual dial to change gears rather than the standard gear shift.

There are many more features, so check out this SUV and see if it is the right one for you. Go and take a test drive of the Ford Escape today.


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