The Ford Escape is the One Vehicle You Can Talk To

When people come into Valone Ford Lincoln Inc. looking for vehicles loaded with the latest tech, they usually gravitate over to luxury sedans or sporty compacts. The Ford Escape, however, is bucking this trend by bringing a wide variety of driver-assist features to the SUV market.

Depending on which version of the truck you're looking at, some Escape models now come with FordPass and Amazon Alexa, so you'll actually be able to talk to your vehicle the same way you'd talk to any of the hottest voice control modules.

Adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and brake support leverage this advanced computer technology to make driving the Escape a safer experience than ever before. When traffic gets bad in downtown Fredonia, NY, the Escape can receive updates from cellular networks and plan your route accordingly.

While it might look like a truck, driving the Ford Escape is more like driving a fancy smartphone.

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