Shake Off Winter with Helpful Spring Auto Service

At long last, we've reached the end of another New York winter. With the flowers blooming and temperatures gradually rising, it's time to think about preparing your vehicle for warmer climes.

At Valone Ford Lincoln, we recommend a few key services for each seasonal change to help make sure your car is ready to perform. Spring in particular calls for a few specific services.

  • Tires: Many drivers in New York choose to install winter tires during the icy months. Between November and March, these tires can improve performance in sub-freezing temperatures and snowy road conditions. However, they lose their effectiveness as temperatures rise. This spring, you can come to Valone Ford to switch back to your set of all-weather or summer tires.
  • Fluids: Frigid temperatures can put your car's fluids through the ringer. From antifreeze to ATF and more, it's a good idea to have your fluids checked and topped off this spring. In particular, it's important to make sure you have adequate coolant in the system before summer arrives.
  • Wheel alignment: Winter weather inevitably brings potholes along with it. Hitting pot holes is one of the most common causes for wheels coming out of alignment. That's why we recommend always having your car's alignment checked and corrected heading into spring. Proper alignment promotes better fuel efficiency, comfort, and tire longevity.

These are just a few of the springtime services that we can provide here at Valone Ford Lincoln Inc. Schedule an appointment and our technicians will provide a thorough inspection to make sure all is in order this spring!

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