Why is Regular Service Important for Your Vehicle?

Do you know the secret to extending the life of your vehicle? It really isn't much of a secret, so we'll let you in on it. Regular vehicle maintenance is the key to long life for your car, so it's important to bring your car in for service on a consistent basis. This will keep your car running smoothly and safely. Not only that, but regular maintenance can help you save money in the long run as it can help you prevent small problems from turning into big ones.

Your owner's manual will tell you when you should bring your specific type of car in for scheduled maintenance. If you're not sure, we can give you a hand!

Important Maintenance Items

Getting regular maintenance for your car is like getting a regular checkup with your doctor. Most of it is about preventative care so everything stays in good shape. Here are a few of the things that our service center can take care of to help you keep your vehicle going strong:

  1. Inspection: It's good to give your car a checkup every now and then to make sure nothing is amiss.
  2. Fluids: Liquids like antifreeze, power steering fluid, and coolant are essential to your car's ability to run smoothly. Make sure fluid levels are good and replace fluids when needed.
  3. Oil change: Getting regular oil changes will help your engine run better.
  4. Tire rotation: Your tires don't wear down at exactly the same rate, so regularly moving them around your vehicle (example: moving front tires to the rear and rear tires to the front) will help them wear down more evenly, helping you get more life out of your tires and helping your tires do a better job of getting you around safely.
  5. Wheel alignment: Daily driving or bumping into something like a curb can knock your wheels out of alignment and do a number on your tires. Getting a regular wheel alignment helps to keep everything straight which will improve your car's driving ability and increase the life of your tires.

Is your vehicle in need of some high-quality maintenance? Let our team handle the dirty work! Schedule service online, by phone, or in person at our dealership in Fredonia, NY. We'll be happy to help you get your car into shape!

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